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Current Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Bio-Analytical Chemistry (CHEM BIO 2A03/2AA3)

An introductory course covering basic principles of quantitative analysis of biological samples based on classical volumetric techniques and modern instrumental methods including spectroscopy and chromatography. Three lectures, one lab; one term.


Quantitative Chemical Analysis (CHEM 2AA3)

The art and science of performing quantitative analysis on samples based on classical volumetric techniques and modern instrumental methods including electrochemistry, optical spectroscopy, and chromatography. Three lectures; one term.


Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 3AA3)

An advanced study of several important spectroscopic, electrochemical and separation techniques used in modern instrumental analyses for quantifying analytes in complex mixtures. Selected applications in environmental, pharmaceutical, clinical and forensic analyses will also be discussed.

Graduate Courses

Separation Science (CHEM 708)

Key graduate module course in analytical chemistry. Topics include separation theory, recent developments in hyphenated and multidimensional chromatography and electrophoresis, microfluidics and new developments for metabolomics research.

Chemometrics (CHEM 711)

Key graduate module course in multivariate analysis and data interpretation. Topics include advanced regression analysis, experimental design, principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares regression (PLS) for convoluted data sets. 

Previous Courses

Tools for Chemical Discovery I (CHEM 2LA3)

Selected experiments that introduce and develop the basic techniques and skills associated with the synthesis of organic and inorganic molecules; characterization and analysis of molecules, materials and solutions. Two lectures, two labs; one term.


Industrial Chemistry (CHEM 3I03)

A comprehensive and integrative study of major applications of the principles of chemistry in modern chemical, petrochemical, polymer and pharmaceutical industry. Emphasis will be placed on a holistic understanding of the interaction of raw sources, chemical transformation and by-products of industrial activity, including their environmental impacts, ranging from photochemical smog to global warming.

Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 4AA3)

Recent advances in Analytical chemistry will include and introduction to chemometrics and multivariate analysis, as well as new developments in separation science and mass spectrometry. Three lectures; one term.