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Former Members

Sandi Azab, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship in McMaster University's Health Science Department

Kenneth Chalcraft, MSc

  • MSc, Chemistry
  • Scientist II at Labstat Laboratories

Lisa D'Agostino, MSc

  • MSc, Chemistry
  • Senior Staff Chemist at Geosyntec Consultants

Alicia DiBattista, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Metabolomics at CHEO Research Institute

Sujan Fernando, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Research Assistant Professor and Analytical Laboratory Director at the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science

Jennilee Gavina, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Director, Analytical Operations at Gilead Sciences

Biban Gill, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at McMaster University

James Harskamp, MSc

  • MSc, Biology
  • Separation Research Biologist

Jordan Holzschuher, BSc

  • BSc, Biochemistry

Naomi Kuehnbaum, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Senior Research Scientist I at Gilead Sciences

Karen Lam, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Associate Director at Global Scientific Communications

Richard Lee, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Professor at the University of Toronto

Roger Luckham, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Lecturer at McMaster University

Ritchie Ly, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at Keio University/RIKEN institute

Megan Magee, MSc

  • MSc, Chemistry
  • Laboratory Assistant in the Agriculture & Food Laboratory at the University of Guelph

Stellena Mathiaparanam, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at the University of Toronto

Adriana Nori de Macedo, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Adam Ptolemy, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Researcher at Boston's Children Hospital

Sheeba Samson, MSc

  • PhD, Chemistry
  • Assistant Professor

Michelle Saoi, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Metabolomics Specialist I at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Giselle Segui-Lines, MSc

  • MSc, Chemistry

Nadine Wellington, PhD

  • PhD, Chemistry

Jennifer Wild, MSc

  • MSc, Chemical Biology
  • Director of Science and Regulatory at Klick

Mai Yamamoto, PhD

  • PhD, Chemical Biology
  • Product Manager at Molecular You