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Nadine Wellington PhD


  1. Nadine obtained her Specialized Honours B.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry, 2012) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at York University.


Research Interests

Nadine’s research and passions focus on comprehensive and targeted metabolomics applications for characterizing the exposome and assessing health risks associated with activities of daily living. She is interested in the prospect of personalized metabolomics as a tool for public education to improve health and lifestyle choices. Currently, Nadine is developing a boronic acid-based optical reporter ligand for selective analysis of sugar polyols as surrogate measures for health status in complex matrices. She is also employing diverse metabolomics platforms in collaborations with municipal fire departments to elucidate routes and physiological effects of wood smoke exposure on occupational firefighters in Ontario, and with local physicians to verify specific food intakes, dietary patterns and metabolic effects of dietary choices in the general public.

Favourite Biological Specimen

Urine & Neil Degrasse Tyson


Violin, Scrabble, DIY repairs, and reading.