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Former Undergraduate Students

Faisal Adampany

  • Pharmacy Manager at Shoppers Drug Mart

Mohamed Al Husseiny

  • QC Chemist at Giza Power Industry

Nabil Aldina

  • Chief Financial Officer at LBB Specialties

Elyse Bernard

  • Scientific Evaluator at Health Canada

Jonathan Bloomfield

  • Founder of Scooli

Jacqueline Burton

  • Level 5 Chemical Biology Co-op Student

Michael Celejewski

  • Graduate Student in Chemical Biology at McMaster University

Kathryn Chan

  • PGY5 Resident Physician at McMaster Emergency Medicine

Tiffany Chan

  • Software Developer at Rally

Aawista Chaudhry

  • Cybersecurity at Deloitte

Hani Choksi

  • Graduate Student in Pharmacology & Toxicology at the University of Toronto

Jason D'Amaral

  • Principal Field Engineer at Waters Corporation

Rochelle D'mello

  • Master's Student at University of Ottawa

Vi Dang

  • Research Analyst at Grok Global Services

Senna Daymond

  • ANALEST Facility Instruments Technician at the University of Toronto

Fan Fei

  • Senior Scientist of Metabolomics at DSM

Eric Fries

  • Master's Student at University of Toronto

Biban Gill

  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at McMaster University

Claire Gillespie

  • Graduate Student in Chemistry at McMaster University

Rebecca Hum

  • Innovation Chemist at Walker Emulsions

Muhammad Jiwa

  • Family Medicine Resident at McMaster University

Narges Kalani

  • Level 4 Chemical Biology Student

Nicole Kofman

  • Data and Analytics Associate at TD Bank

Aleisha Kormendi

  • Instrumentation Lab Technician at ACWA

Zachary Kroezen

  • Research Assistant at McMaster University

Natasia Kurysko

  • Level 5 Chemical Biology Student

Kiran Lad

  • Pharmacy Manager at FreshCo Pharmacy

Julie-Anne Lemay

  • Completing Medical School at McGill

Alice Li

  • Market Access Manager at Eisai

Jennifer Li

  • Digital Analyst at ClickInsight Corporation

Youping Li

  • Software Release QA Engineer at Fortinet

Harry Lu

  • Research Assistant at McMaster University

Christine Ly

  • Completing Optometry Program at University of Waterloo

Nicholas Ly

  • Graduate Student at the University of Toronto

Ritchie Ly

  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at Keio University/RIKEN institute

Sabrina Macklai

  • Completing Masters Program in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto

Vanessa Martinez

  • Graduate Student at the University of Ottawa

Stellena Mathiaparanam

  • Post-Doctorate Fellowship at University of Toronto

Anthony Mella

  • Software Developer at OpenText

Carine Nemr

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College

Tiffany Ng

  • Chemical Data Entry Clerk at McMaster University

Holly Philbrick

  • Data Analyst for Niagara Region Public Health

Richel Poon

  • Patient Experience Coordinator at Strength Through Motion

Paula Quaglietta

  • Graduate Student in Medical Science at the University of Toronto

Michelle Saoi

  • Metabolomics Specialist I at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Ana Stanciu

  • Graduate Student in Chemical Biology at McMaster University

Hanna Stewart

  • Retail Associate at The TJX Companies Inc.

Sriprada Thallapalli

  • Drug Reimbursement Analyst at PIVINA

Bryanna Tibensky

  • Primary Care Pharmacist

Lucas Torres

  • Graduate Student at York University

Alice Wang

  • Level IV Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization Student at McMaster University

Kaitlin West

  • Territory Manager at Hollister Limited