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Graduate Students: Chemistry or Chemical Biology Programs

If you interested in pursuing a graduate degree (M.Sc./Ph.D.) in bio-analytical chemistry, please send a current CV to Dr. Britz-McKibbin (, as well as fowarding your complete application to the Department of Chemistry. For further information regarding graduate studies at McMaster and required application documents, please refer to Graduate students who hold national (NSERC) or provincial (OGS) scholarships are encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate and Visiting Students

If you interested in participating in a summer research position or fourth year undergraduate honour's research project (CHEM 4G09 or CHEMBIO 4GG9) in bio-analytical chemistry, please contact Dr. Britz-McKibbin ( for further information. Promising undergraduate students can also apply for a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) that consists of a $1250 monthly stipend over 16 weeks for conducting research during the summer.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Interested postdoctoral researchers who currently have their own funding source are encouraged to contact Dr. Britz-McKibbin ( for further information regarding current research projects. Application from individuals with prior experience in analytical chemistry, separation science, biochemistry and microbiology are particularly welcome. Postdoctoral researchers who hold national (NSERC-PDF) or international (JSPS) scholarships are encouraged to apply.