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Alicia DiBattista PhD

Alicia DiBattista, PhD

PhD, Chemical Biology

Postdoctoral Fellow in Metabolomics at CHEO Research Institute


  1. Alicia obtained her Honours BSc (Biology, 2008) and MSc (Biology, 2010) in the Department of Biology at McMaster University.


Research Interests

Alicia’s primary research interest is in the development of simple, highly specific and sensitive assays for primary and/or population-based screening initiatives, such as expanded newborn screening (NBS) and drug of abuse (DOA) screening. Her PhD thesis has involved the validation of a novel method for accurate and precise quantification of biomarkers for inborn errors of metabolism in NBS as well as the validation of a novel screening method for DOA in urine that is both rapid and cost-effective. Alicia’s analytical platform of choice is capillary electrophoresis (CE) coupled to high resolution quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry (Q-TOF MS) and she has successfully used CE-Q-TOF-MS to discover and identify novel biomarkers of cystic fibrosis. Her collaborators include Newborn Screening Ontario, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Seroclinix.

Dr. Alicia DiBattista is currently a PDF at Newborn Screening Ontario at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Favourite Biological Specimen

Dried blood spots


Running, drinking coffee, walking around downtown Hamilton, drinking beer


OGS-MSc (declined, 2009-2010); NSERC CGS-M (2009-2010); OGS-PhD (2010-2011); QEII-GSST (2012-2013); CNCS Poster Award (2016)