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Meera Shanmuganathan PhD

Meera Shanmuganathan, PhD

PhD, Chemical Biology

Facility Manager, McMaster Regional Centre for Mass Spectrometry


  1. She received her B.Sc Co-op degree from Simon Fraser University and, then completed Ph.D in Bio-analytical Chemistry at McMaster University. Her doctorate work was a collaborative effort involving hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies mainly focused on drug discovery for rare genetic disorders. She was a NSERC postdoctoral fellow at Environment Canada, with her research focus on the development of novel analytical methods (using LC-MS/MS & GC-MS/MS) for identification and quantification of emerging toxins found in the environment, in support of the Chemicals Management Plan


Research Interests

Meera Shanmuganathan is a Research Scientist in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at McMaster University. Her research is focused on metabolomic approaches to understand the early influences of maternal nutrition and pre-natal environmental influences on childhood obesity and metabolic syndrome. She has research experience in clinical, biological and environmental analytical chemistry streams gained through career at government, academic and pharmaceutical institutions.

Favourite Biological Specimen

Plasma and serum 


Reading, watching TV, exercising, gardening