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Michelle Saoi PhD

Michelle Saoi, PhD

PhD, Chemical Biology

Metabolomics Specialist I at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  1. Michelle obtained her Honours B.Sc. (Chemistry, 2013) in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at McMaster University.


Research Interests

Michelle’s research focus is on the characterization of tissue-based specimen using CE-MS as a multiplexed separation platform.  Her thesis currently involves performing untargeted metabolomics on mammalian tissue samples subjected to exercise and/or nutritional interventions in collaboration with the Departments of Kinesiology and Biochemistry at McMaster University. The overall goal of Michelle’s research is to elucidate underlying biochemical mechanisms in response to these human health interventions that currently remain unknown or are poorly understood. 

Favourite Biological Specimen

Placenta tissue


Travelling, Running, Hiking, Drawing, Music