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PAD and CLTI Discoveries

The Britz-McKibbin group is very excited to announce another new publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Sandi performed serum metabolomics to reveal the mechanisms of peripheral artery disease (PAD) pathophysiology that may improve its diagnosis and prognosis to chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) complementary to the ankle–brachial index (ABI) and clinical presentations. This was a very interesting study that was done in collaboration with Dr. Qadura at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Not only did they discover lower serum concentrations of creatine, histidine, lysine, oxoproline, monomethylarginine, as well as higher circulating phenylacetylglutamine levles in PAD patients, they also discovered higher serum concentrations of carnitine, creatinine, cystine and trimethylamine-N-oxide in CLTI cases. We hope this research into PAD and CLTI can help improve patient outcomes in the future. Take a look at their work!